Engagement Program Feedback Email

This email was designed for use in a marketing automation & engagement program in Pardot. Once a project was marked in the CRM as "completed" the engagement program would automate this follow up process seeking customer feedback. We could then periodically collect the results and make improvements.

Ice Cream Delivery Email

This responsive email concept introduces a promotion to potential customers. The fun and light design blends with the content of the email perfectly - offering a sense of "chill". This template shows that sometimes, less is better and one really good point is always more memorable than many smaller points.

New Customer Product Introduction

This email was designed for new customers. When a customer had never worked with this highly technical product, the sales staff would be able to send this email. The customer could then learn as much as they want to with the email and linked resources. All interactions with the email are analytically tracked through Pardot and leveraged.

Podcast Season Finale Email

Each organization has a unique identity and it's important to be able to use a style that is in line with its character. Some designers suffer from work that all looks the same. This responsive email design offers soft vibrant gradients with simple, bold typography.

Product Launch Responsive Email

This responsive email design looks great on any device. I custom coded the layout using MJML and then dropped the optimized HTML into Pardot. This simple product email was to let our customers and reps know of a new product. We could track any link clicks and further automate marketing efforts.

Special Sales Email

This responsive design looks great on any device. It offers three simple call-to-action buttons that can be used to further segment the customer base by interest. This helps marketers send effective, targeted communications that may increase sales.