Football Color Rush Helmet Design

I came up with this "Color Rush" helmet design for fun. It involved masking the stock image, manipulating the colors, and bending the logo for a hyper-realistic final result. I created the carbon fiber background image from scratch using Photoshop.

Neon Light Packaging Design

I created this project from start to finish. If you navigate to the photography page you will see a more detailed looked at the photo used in this design. I staged the product with a black backdrop and 3-point light setup in the photography studio. Photographing neon lights is extremely difficult. Being able to capture the color temperature of the light is key. With neon, the glow is the most important visual aspect, which is why I left the photo unclipped.

C.A.R.D. Logo

C.A.R.D. (Coloradans Advocating for Responsible Drivers) is a local motorcycle club in the Denver, CO area. This proposed logo design was intended for use on large banners, business cards, stickers, and more. The gritty style and color scheme matches will with a Colorado bike club. This logo was offered at a preliminary point but I don't think the club ever advanced this initiative.

Flood Light Retail Packaging

This product's box design offers a clean and modern retail appearance. It provides streamlined details and a nice technical drawing on the side to easily see the measurements and swivel details. This design was used in B2B settings and sold by affiliated electrical distributors and reps.

String Light Retail Packaging

This box art was created for a major global retailer. Like many projects I work on, this required several disciplines to complete. First, I took the light string product to a photo table with a 3-point light setup. Afterwards I edited and clipped the image in photoshop and then layered it over a stock photo background. I worked with the buyer to establish the key product features and overall design.

Product Line Brochure

These cool brochures were a cost-effective take-away for trade show attendees. Primarily focused on the imagery, the text helps deliver quick and precise details on products and the company. A physical object like this brochure helps visitors remember who we are and helps drive sales.

Tradeshow Poster

This poster was used on social media to promote an upcoming tradeshow. I took photos of the flexible LED Neon product and created this layout. In just a few seconds our social audience knows when and where to find us.

Services Sell Sheet

This sell sheet introduces customers to a higher-end service. It does a good job explaining what the service is, what problems it solves, and the value of paying for this service. The layout is clean and modern with easy-to-digest features and a traditional "Z" visual pattern.

RhyKno Photo Logo Design

This clean and modern logo design was created for a client with a photography business. Pictured here is a typical draft board I create for clients. The style will age extremely well and looks good on websites, emails, business stationery, and promotional items.

Product Comparison Sell Sheet

This sell sheet helps to explain the differences and advantages of three lighting products. It was used by a sales team in conjunction with lead nurturing and email campaigns.

Product Line Brochures

These promotional sales tools offer an in-depth overview of a product. The layout features large images to grab attention and easy-to-digest information on product features. I completed these items from start to finish - including all write-ups, product photography, and layouts. These brochures are great for tradeshows, events, lunch-n-learns, online visitors, sales staff, and rep training.

Realistic Photoshopped Image

I created this graphic using just Photoshop, my own night sky photo, and a few stock textures. My extensive knowledge of Photoshop makes creating any image possible.

Golden Text Effect

This stylized text sample was made using only Adobe Photoshop. The skill of designing stylized text like this is invaluable for motion effects titles, logo creation, and anywhere else you want text to get noticed.

Newspaper Header Spring Edition

This floral text design was created for the Spring edition of the newspaper Daily Union. This publication had a readership of over 25,000 people in central Wisconsin. I used a stock image for the background texture but everything else you see was done strictly in Photoshop. I created a custom brush with an opacity gradient and configured the settings to get a randomized, floral effect.

Fuel Brand Design

Easy to follow promotional handout template for a non-profit project that sought to help underprivileged kids. I created a brand identity and various stationery templates for the social work team.