Bison and Egret Photo

I captured this photo at one of my favorite places, The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. I used a DSLR camera with a 250mm telephoto lens to get up close to this fun scene. A perfect exposure in afternoon light perfectly captures the hazy sky and dynamic shadows.

Wedding Photography

Here is a select photo from a wedding a photographed a few years ago. I used a DSLR camera with a variety of lenses and edited them in Camera RAW. I took several hundred photos and had the work completed quickly for the client.

Arches National Park Landscape Photography

I took this landscape photo in gorgeous evening light at Arches National park a few Summers ago. I shot with a neutral profile setting on my camera and then made minimal adjustments in Camera Raw afterward - my preferred workflow.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

This photo was captured with a Canon DSLR and 250mm lens. The VanDusen Botanical Garden was an incredible place for photography. I spotted this owl with a group of friends in a small pond area behind a building. The green reflection of the algae highlights the owl's side in an abstract kind of way.

Iron Fens

This long exposure shows an iron-rich stream descending down the mountainside slope. I used Camera RAW to make slight adjustments to the contrast and white balance. I stacked two ND filters and took a long exposure in bright afternoon sun.

LED Neon Product Photography

Taking photos of lights is extremely difficult. Figuring out the right exposure that shows both the product and its luminance is a skill that only comes with practice. Staging products is another underrated part of the process - especially when the product itself isn't all that interesting.

Fire Spinner

This long exposure is of a fire spinner late one evening. The long exposure shows the intricate path of the flame and also subtly highlights the grass and artist.

String Light Product Photography

This product photo was eventually used on packaging for a large retail chain. It was shot on a white background with a 3-point light setup. I then clipped the image in photoshop so that the product image could overlay a background stock photo (see graphics section for the packaging artwork).

Banff National Park

I captured this waterfall near Banff National Park in Canada. I took this long exposure photo using a Canon DSLR, ND filter, and tripod. As I shoot with a neutral camera profile I made slight adjustments to the contrast and color balance in Camera RAW.